About Us

Spectrum Financial Group

Founded in 1997, Spectrum Financial Group, Inc. is passionate about helping clients achieve the retirement they’ve always envisioned. Our income- generating investment strategies are designed to help preserve your savings—so you can use it as a renewable source of income in retirement.

Here at Spectrum Financial Group, our advisors hold themselves to the highest standard in their role as fiduciaries for our clients. That means they will always look out for your best interests.

Our Process

Through our four-step process, we’ll get to know you and your personal situation so we can guide you through the process of planning and saving for retirement. We can help ensure that your asset allocation and risk exposure are appropriate for your current stage of life. Then we’ll schedule periodic reviews to make sure your portfolio is positioned to thrive in today’s ever-changing economic landscape.

Through financial education, we’ll help you sort through the media hype so you can remain focused on the strategies that give you the best chance to achieve your financial goals.

Step 1


We will begin by getting to know you, your situation, and the lifestyle you envision for your retirement. Then we’ll take a look at your current investments to determine if there is room for improvement in your current financial plan. During this time, we’ll construct a few sample solutions and demonstrate how they can help to achieve your goals.

While many financial advisors can tend to make financial matters more complicated than they need to be, we’ll simplify the financial issues involved with planning and saving for retirement and create a customized plan that can provide ongoing income for retirement.

Step 2


Next, we’ll review the investment strategies available to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. This may involve the use of fixed income investments, insurance assets, as well as dividend paying stocks depending on your level of risk tolerance. During this phase, we’ll explain essential facts about the financial markets you need to know. You will also learn the difference between an individual bond and a bond mutual fund.

Step 3


Once we’ve worked together to identify the best investment strategies according to your risk tolerance and financial goals, we will get to work adjusting your asset allocation so that it is appropriate for your current stage in life. Once this process is completed, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting to go over your updated asset allocation and to make sure everything is in order.

Step 4

Check-In & Follow-Up

After we have created a customized portfolio of equities and income generating investments, we will schedule regular check-ins to update you on your portfolio’s performance and answer any questions you might have. From time to time, we will also schedule special client events where we will meet to discuss how recent developments in the financial markets and the economy could impact your retirement.

Our Team

Stephanie Bruner

Administrative Assistant